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Arnold Street Studio 3-5. factory 6, Arnold St, Cheltenham

The Button Factory, 14 Hamlet St Cheltenham

Are there ballet classes near me is not the only question to consider when you are looking for a dance class, we can help you find the best dance class for you in the Bayside area of Melbourne we have many members that travel not just locally Parkdale, Mentone, Beaumaris, Cheltenham and further afield to attend a Classical Ballet or a Contemporary Dance class, We create a fun, relaxed, welcoming and personalised environment that is a great way to meet new people and feel comfortable in classes.       

 The Adult Ballet Centre® is for all people that are interested in an introduction to classical ballet classes and for those that have a desire to continue their classical training from adult beginner ballet to advanced ballet levels. Naturally Ballet is always seen as an elite art, we challenge those beliefs in every class. Our focus here at Adult Ballet Centre® is to make Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance accessible to the public for all ages and abilities. Adult Ballet Centre classes are fun and challenging way to express yourself as well as an excellent way to build core strength, increase flexibility and correct posture. We have no upper age limit, beginning our classes from 18 years + we structure our ballet classes into different ability levels. You will find our classes are comfortable and easy to participate in, with a welcoming environment that will alleviate any anxiety about taking up ballet or resuming your dance practice. 

The Adult Ballet Centre®  has two studio locations in central bayside between the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne City, ‘

Arnold Street Studio, 3-5, Factory 6, Arnold St, Cheltenham, Victoria. The studio is a short 1.1 kilo meter walk from Southland Station, with plenty of parking near by. To find the Arnold Street Studio click here

The Button Factory Studio, 14 Hamlet Street, Cheltenham, Victoria and is a short 950 meter walk from Southland Railway Station, with plenty of parking near by. To find The Button Factory studio click here.

At the Adult Ballet Centre®, we program our classes to give our members the best chance of achieving their full potential while working with mindfulness and safety.

Adult Ballet Centre® follows the principles of London based  ‘Holistic Ballet®’ evolved by founder Franziska Rosenzweig. "We appreciate that every person’s body is different and can vary greatly, that dance should not be for only one body type but every body type"

Adult Ballet Centre® is about working with the bodies we were born with this does not mean that we compromise the pursuit of perfection in dance and ballet technique. We believe positive encouragement together with clarity of instructions and being straightforward brings out the best in our members. We advocate an attitude of inquiry of how the individual can progress to his/her best ability.

Melbourne's Adult Ballet Centre® providing the best dance training for Introduction to Classical Ballet, Adult Ballet Beginners through to Advanced Classical Ballet, Pre-pointe development, Pointe Development, 4 Elements body Conditioning , Contemporary Dance, Ballet Vitality, Mums/Dads -new BuBs and other dance/movement programs, 


 We are inclusive and encourage an artistic approach to ballet/dance practice.Naturally Ballet



Classical Ballet - Health Movement

Adult Ballet Centers team development programs, pull together experience and education to deliver one of the finest ballet programs for adult dancers or those wishing to explore movement for health and well-being

Adult Ballet Centre® programs develop our Introduction to Classical Ballet, Adult Beginner Ballet and Ballet Vitality- focus on the foundations of fine technique and artistry or Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and conditioning for dance as adults.

Passion and interest in people come through strongly in classes, We are creative in teaching, everyone can learn ballet/dance and feel the freedom of movement in the expression of dance - many people dream to dance with heart and soul, to embrace the physical freedom and artistry.

Our Introduction to classical ballet and Beginners classical ballet classes insure attention to detail and a strong focus on technique and personal encouragement for each Adult Ballet Centre® member.

We embrace inclusion and bringing community together developing a unique team driven curriculum for introducing the adult dancers body back into dance that creates freedom and balance of movement. No matter age or gender the dancer is able to find their own feeling of accomplishment as the classes progress. 



Mollie Harrison- image adult ballet centre

Mollie Harrison- image adult ballet centre

Mollie Harrison

Classical Ballet Coaching

Mollie Harrison is the head of program development at the Adult Ballet Centre® for Intermediate Classical Ballet, Advanced Classical Ballet, Pre-Pointe /Pointe and Classical Repertoire. Mollie's classes will energies and challenge our members to improve fitness, technique and artistry. Sharing her knowledge in dance anatomy

Mollie's background is varied and well rounded with many true artists as her teachers- Beverly-Jane Fry (The National Theatre Ballet School). VCASS-Kirsty Martin- (The Australian Ballet) Tim Harbour (The Australian Ballet) Tim Storey (WA Ballet). WAPPA  Danielle Hunt (The Australian Ballet). Melbourne City Ballet  Artistic Director Michael Pappalardo (Queensland Ballet) and many more.
Mollie danced the solo of Raymonda 'Dream Scene' was the overall winner of Francis Naylor and Maybel Pryde awards of the 2014 Ballet Teachers Workshop.

Mollie's performed in Ballets and Contemporary dances created by Tim Habour 'Volente' and the principle role in 'Carmen'. Chunky Move- Adam Wheeler "It Sound Silly". Nils Cristie's ( Royal Swedish Ballet)  Australian Premier of "SYNC" in the WAAPA season of 'Verve'. Melbourne City Ballet 2016 contemporary season.

Mollie is currently studying her Bachelor in High Performance Sport Science at ACU and is a qualified Master Personal Trainer.

Thanks Mollie for your energy, intelligence and creative gift. X

Jennifer Fleenor  Contemporary Dance

Jennifer Fleenor - By Pat rEdmond courtesy of CoisCeim Dance Theatre

Jennifer Fleenor - By Pat rEdmond courtesy of CoisCeim Dance Theatre

Jennifer Fleenor is the head of program development at the Adult Ballet Centre® for Contemporary Dance,  Contemporary Dance workshops, development of Young Artists program and Manager of Community Dance Engagement. See more about Jennifer

Jennifer has been a dance theatre artist, teacher and choreographer for 20 years. She started her career in New York City performing and touring with such artists as Michael Foley, Teri and Oliver Steele, John Evans, among others. In 2001, she moved to Dublin, Ireland, and, while living had in Europe a varied and expansive performance career, working mostly with CoisCeim Dance Theatre (Ireland). Jen has taught contemporary dance, hip-hop fusion, movement for theatre, dance in a community context and dance in education workshops throughout the US, France, Ireland and Japan. 

Combining ongoing studies in evolving dance techniques, somatics, history and her professional experience as a dance theatre artist over the last 20 years. In addition to contemporary dance practices, Jennifer is inspired by dance in a community context, Simonson Jazz Technique, hip-hop dance and music, African dance, energy sciences, Alexander Technique and Laban Movement Analysis. The love of dance and finding the joy in one's own movement experience and creative process is always at the centre of class and ultimately creates a fun and inspiring atmosphere. 

Welcome to Australia Jen, we cant wait to see more! X




“I've always adored ballet and wanted to learn, but as a plus size woman the fear of rejection for not having the correct 'ballet body and physique' was real. Also the notion of starting as an adult and standing in a room in a leotard and tights scared the heck out of me. When I did my research and came across the Adult Ballet Centre's motto of 'no leotards' I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. I discovered there was absolutely no reason to be fearful, as everyone I've come into contact with has been extremely inclusive and encouraging. I look forward to my class every week and practice through the week also. I've found the structure of the introduction classes easy to follow yet still challenging, and all corrections are gentle and supportive. I've learned that any body can be a ballet body, and the Adult Ballet Centre has definitely encouraged that!”

- Bo-Tahlia Wade


Member of the International Dance Council

Ausdance Victoria 



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Mollie Harrison 'SYNC' front right-Image by Dance Australia Magazine

Mollie Harrison 'SYNC' front right-Image by Dance Australia Magazine