Adult Ballet Classes for you

Adult Ballet Centre® upholds ballet technique and artistry at its purest form and our goal is to share this art with everyone (we do not add other styles of exercise at the barre, and the class comprises of stretch warm up classical barre, centre practice, jumps (to appropriate level of fitness) and cool down.

We deconstruct ballet technique movements to their essentials and integrate them with contemporary core principles of alignment and functional anatomy to hold true to each individuals body.

We choreograph the class structure (order of the exercises) in such a way that joints, muscles and soft tissue have enough time to prepare for classical movements of ballet practice with more ease for a mature ballet body. 

Adult Contemporary Dance 

We provide Contemporary Dance classes as a complement to the structure of Classical Ballet- these classes are offered as an alternative exploration of free movement in the body, mind and emotions expressed through dance.

What does Adult Ballet Centre® do for your health?

Create strength and long, lean muscle tone in the entire body

  • Activates positive core muscles in every layer
  • Increases flexibility
  • Encourages self-discipline
  • Promotes concentration, memory and focus-
  • Increases mobility
  • Improves and recruits balance
  • Cultivates posture and elegance
  • Empowers and fosters self-esteem 
  • Develops coordination
  • Stress relief 
  • Connects people together



Breathe in positive self-image and self-esteem and peace of mind

Connects community, gender, ethnicity, ability and age 

Stretches the body and mind for total health  

Adult Ballet training who can benefit?

  • Any age group, teenagers, adults from ages 15+, no upper age limit
  • Professional (ex) dancers who want to train more mindfully or recovering from injury
  • Contemporary dancers who find ballet training beneficial for their work
  • Dance teachers who are unfamiliar with teaching ballet classes or are looking for inspiration
  • All other types of dancers that wish to improve their technique as ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms
  • Athletes who want to improve their coordination and flexibility
  • Anyone who enjoys ballet training or has the desire to learn ballet
  • Mature ages, as this becomes vital for balance, memory and connection to others
  • Corporate team building
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Dance therapist for professional development
"I am loving taking ballet class here. I’ve been attending two or three times a week for about 5 months now having learnt elsewhere for about a year. I can see such a difference in my ability since day one. Classes are fun, friendly and low pressure with corrections made in a helpful manner. Teachers are so friendly. I can’t wait for each class each week - perhaps a little obsessed! Next step - pointe!!"

— Bianca Crawford